These pages, together with those on, are maintained by Philip Eden, and contain a substantial amount of original material, work in progress, and a growing quantity of historical information.

On this site can be found daily, monthly and yearly records for the observing sites at Hampstead in north London, Luton in Bedfordshire, Whipsnade also in Bedfordshire, and Milhaguet in southwest-central France. Transcribing these records by hand is a painstaking process so the extension backwards in time will necessarily be gradual.

This site contains UK-wide summaries of the weather month by month, plus day-to-day monitoring of several climatic variables such as the Central England Temperature (CET), England and Wales rainfall (EWP), England and Wales sunshine, and so on. There are also monthly charts of sea-level pressure covering Europe and the North Atlantic, circulation indices for the British Isles, and more.

Newspaper and Magazine Editors
... will be interested in the archive of around 1000 short articles, varying in length between 400 and 1500 words, covering practically every aspect of weather and climate. These could be answer to the the Editor’s eternal prayer: “Get me 500 words on that freak weather thing ... by yesterday!”

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